Finance Stoic 24 – What limits have I placed on myself?

The person is free who lives as they wish, neither compelled, nor hindered, nor limited – whose choices aren’t hampered, whose desires succeed, and who don’t fall into what repels them. Who wishes to live in deception – tripped up, mistaken, undisciplined, complaining, in a rut? No one. These are base people who don’t live […]

Finance Stoic 20 – Pause, reflect, cool down!

The soul is like a bowl of water, and our impressions are like the ray of light falling upon the water. When the water is troubled, it appears that the light itself is moved too, but it isn’t. So, when a person loses their composure it isn’t their skills and virtues that are troubled, but […]

Finance Stoic 6b – Teaching moment

I was firm with my boys tonight. We went for a 3 km run. One didn’t want to come, to the point of tears. I introduced an element to make it more enjoyable for him – playing toss together the whole run. His joy at finishing the run was high and he had worked up […]