Finance Stoic’s week in review 2

Week in Review 2 For Week in Review 2, I posted the following articles: Does my social circle make me better or worse Am I protecting my time and attention Can I test my own opinion before trusting it Where am I a loudmouth Do I really need these things I work so hard for […]

Finance Stoic 24 – What limits have I placed on myself?

The person is free who lives as they wish, neither compelled, nor hindered, nor limited – whose choices aren’t hampered, whose desires succeed, and who don’t fall into what repels them. Who wishes to live in deception – tripped up, mistaken, undisciplined, complaining, in a rut? No one. These are base people who don’t live […]

Finance Stoic 8b – Date night

Today was an excellent and productive day at work. I was able to accomplish a lot of key deliverables at work with my team for some major projects. More importantly, I had the opportunity to spend an amazing evening with my wife at a local vegetarian restaurant. The food was delicious and her company was […]