Finance Stoic 8a – Addictions

What am I addicted to?  I have a few addictions, though I don’t think they’re too harmful. My worst addiction at the moment is Clash Royale, and admittedly I have spent far too much money on this game. Historically, I would only spend money on a freemium game if I enjoyed the game and I would […]

Finance Stoic 7a – Mental weakness

How can I keep my mind clear from pollution Unlike morning reflection 3, I was weak today. It was 5:30 AM when my alarm went off. Feeling sick, tired, sore, I texted my friend that I was out for our run and went back to sleep. The key this week on my Stoic journey is […]

What I’m Reading in 2018

I recently read that Wealth is Knowledge and I consistently read the Farnam Street Blog each week. If you are trying to grow your knowledge, and net worth, and not reading this blog, you need to make a change. In fact, I recently signed up for, and am now taking, the Art of Focus, which is […]