Where have I been???

What’s happened to the Finance Stoic?

Has he died? Has he given up? Has he hit the three month cliff that Pete always mentions at Do You Even Blog?

Truth is, it’s a combination of many of these things.

When I started the blog, I was writing and reading at night and staying up until 2:00 and 3:00 AM to finish posts before going to bed for 4-5 hours and heading into work.

After a few months, I was exhausted. Cue our trip to Europe and I slightly refreshed, well, not really. I was reading every day, writing every day, posting on social media every day, attempting to experience life with my wife, and also running up to 50 miles per week. I was more exhausted at the end than when I went.

When I got home, I was jet lagged pretty bad and I was training for a single day 50 mile trail race, which I ultimately completed. The run absolutely drained me and a few months later, I’m still not recovered.

Mental exhaustion and physical exhaustion were at the highest leading into my busiest time of the year for my Team, and me. Unfortunately, it was a challenging time at work and it ate up a ton of my time!

Positively, I’m a few weeks out from that madness and my desire to read, to write, to interact has come back as strong as it was before I died off.

This is a long post, I apologize, but the key is that I’m back, I’ll be writing, I’ll be posting, I’ll be interacting and I look forward to it…

Until then, all my best.

Finance Stoic

9 thoughts on “Where have I been???

    1. Thanks Dr. McFrugal!

      Europe was amazing. So many sights, such good reconnection time without kids. The food, the history, awesome!

      I need to get into Rich Roll mode. I stopped running a month ago, after 18 months of every day running and I’ve gained so much weight!


  1. Um…why not hire some help? There are lots of freelancers out there who might be willing to help you. The freelancer could draft the topics you want to cover, but don’t have the energy write yourself.


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