Finance Stoic 38 – A Pig in the Mud

The Daily Stoic Quote

Today, I escaped from the crush of circumstances, or better put, I threw them out, for the crush wasn’t from outside me, but in my own assumptions.

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 9.23

Daily Stoic Question

What bad assumptions can I cast out?

Daily Finance Stoic Response

My wife and I often say my son is frustrating us, but that isn’t possible.

Our son can’t frustrate us. We can only choose to be frustrated.

Our son can’t make us angry. We can only choose to be angry.

Having this mentality at work can only be beneficial in dealing with people. If you are able to see the emotion in others but not rise to the occasion, you will be so much better off. This would always place you in a strong position when dealing with people, especially in negotiations.

That said, when you start to feel frustrated or angry, what do you do?

Slow down. Listen. Be more patient and reflective. Attempt to allow as much space between a stimulus (your child yelling, as an example), and your response. It’s in the space that you can make the right decisions. A simple way to do this is to practice the Navy Seals breathing technique.

Especially when dealing with challenging individuals, remember it can be like wrestling a pig.

To wrestle the pig, you need to get down in the mud with the pig, but, the pig likes playing in the mud. As such, you are playing its game.

Don’t play the Pig’s game. Stay out of the mud.

Until next time,


Finance Stoic

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