From WoW Econ Hall of Fame to

My World of Warcraft Geeking Out

Seven years ago, when I had very little net worth, I was addicted to a little game you may have heard of. It was called World of Warcraft.

Most people played the game to raid, to do battles, to do quests…I played the game to make gold, and I was good at it. Good enough that I made it into the WoW Econ Hall of Fame at the time with 500,000 gold and climbing to 1 million gold shortly after the interview.

In my interview, I noted that I was only playing the game because I had no capital in the real world and had to learn how to make money. In the game I relied heavily on three things:

  1. Intelligence – I read a ton, like most of us do in the FIRE community
  2. Automation – I used all the latest technologies to beat my auction house competitors
  3. Hustle – I worked much, much harder than most competitors in the auction house, which partially tied to my macros I created

Okay, now I am going to get really dorky. I had a blog. It was about accounting and the WoW economy and how to make gold…Yes, I was writing about financial independence for my gnome priest well before most of you joined this movement!

Shortly thereafter, we had our second son and I started working much harder and put the World of Warcraft away.

Onto the real world

Now that I am working away in the real world and writing about FI again, how has this become relevant?

It is relevant because I got my second opportunity to be featured on a guest post, and this time it was not in a make-believe world. Instead, it was answering My_Sons_Father‘s random questions on his website.

If you have not been to his website, I highly recommend checking it out. What that man can do with Lego and text boxes is so much fun. More importantly, his writing is excellent and his content worth a read.

Until next time,


Finance Stoic

2 thoughts on “From WoW Econ Hall of Fame to

  1. I’ve never played WoW, but I’ve had simliar expereinces in other games. It’s funny how we seem to be drawn to economic growth even in the games we play. I appreciate the kind words and the shout out. It was fun having you complete the Random Questions Challenge.


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