Finance Stoic’s week in review 2

Week in Review 2

For Week in Review 2, I posted the following articles:

  1. Does my social circle make me better or worse
  2. Am I protecting my time and attention
  3. Can I test my own opinion before trusting it
  4. Where am I a loudmouth
  5. Do I really need these things I work so hard for
  6. What limits have I placed on myself

This week I broke my week in review into the following categories

  1. Spending overload
  2. New blogs I read
  3. Great news
  4. Other

Spending overload

ESI Money, @ESIMoneyBlog wrote a post titled Why 3 million is not enough to retire on.

DocG, @DocGDiverseFI wrote High Income, Broke Anyway, which was a story about a partner he had that could not control his spending.

Doctors on Debt, @Doctorsondebt, tweeted an article about The Northwest Washington lifestyle trap: $500,000 in income and still can’t save.

The people in these articles all had issues because they scaled their spending too much with their increasing income. Read @PFGeeks post on embracing lifestyle inflation with scalable spending if you want to avoid the problems raised above.

New blogs I read

Mr. Prairie Fire, @PrairieFIRE_CA, wrote a post on how to discover your financial independence number. I love two things so far on Mr. Prairie Fire’s page. First, he is a fellow Canadian. Second, he has a financial independence policy statement, which includes: stewardship, home, family, friendships, and giving back.

Great news

Frugalwoods, @FrugalWoods, published a book this week – congratulations.

Allyson, @AuditingMyself, got engaged this week – awesome.

Ms ZiYou@ms_ziyou, had 5,000 page views in her first month blogging.

Michelle Schroeder, @SenseofCents, was in O Magazine.


Pete McPherson, @DoYouEvenBlog, wrote a post on 9 game changing takeaways from FinCon 2017. Impostor Syndrome really resonated with me.

Ms. ZiYou, see above, also wrote a post that resonated with me, titled Are You Accidentally Offensive With Your Language.  This is a good read for upping your language in the workplace.

Birds of a Fire, @birdsofafire taught people how she went to college for free, great advice if you want to achieve the same.

Until next time,


Finance Stoic

8 thoughts on “Finance Stoic’s week in review 2

  1. Thanks for the shout-out FinanceStoic! As a newbie blogger, it means a lot to be recognized by your peers. As a side note, I am thoroughly impressed how many posts you did in one week! Really like the variety in length, style and how open you are with your thoughts. I could learn a lot from your blog style.


    1. Thanks MPF. The only downside is the time consumption, which ought to go down as I continue to journal. I’ve a goal to read 30 books on Stoicism this year. Between work, family and blogging, it will be hard to fit that in!


    1. Crazy, I’ve had shared finances since I was ~ 21 and I can’t understand couples who don’t. As mentioned, wife is a CA as well and way more on top of our numbers than me. Don’t tell Ms Zi, but it wasn’t until I started on the FIRE journey three years ago that I asked to see our numbers…


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