Finance Stoic 28 – Am I protecting my time and attention?

Daily Stoic Quote

If a person gave away your body to some passerby, you’d be furious. Yet you hand over your mind to anyone who comes along, so they may abuse you, leaving it disturbed and troubled – have you no shame in that?

Epictetus, Enchiridion, 28

Daily Stoic Question

Am I protecting my time and attention

Daily Finance Stoic Response

I feel ashamed.

I am not protecting my time and attention. Full Stop.

I could say events in my life have been distracting me, such as:

  1. Building our house (what limits have I placed on myself)
  2. My career decisions (stand with the philosopher, not the mob)
  3. Daily running, while dealing with an injury
  4. Starting my blog

But, that would be a lie, because these things cannot distract me. They cannot take away my time and attention.

I chose to accept the distractions that took away my time and attention.

Starting tonight though, I will not be distracted.

To do this, I will re-read and action on the following:

  1. notes from my sessions with my executive coach
  2. notes from the Farnam Street’s the Art of Focus
  3.  summary of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
  4.  summary from the book Manage your time, your work, yourself

Because of the opportunity at a new company, I have been daydreaming about what the role might be like. As a result, my day to day performance has suffered.

To address this, I will control my mind and protect my time.

If I am not planning sufficiently, then I am planning to fail.

Whether I take the new role, or I keep my existing role, it is imperative that I continue to work on this.

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