Finance Stoic 27 – Can I test my own opinion before trusting it?

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Heraclitus called self-deception an awful disease and eyesight a lying sense.

Diogenes Laertius, Lives of the Eminent Philosophers, 9.7

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Today was the first time that I needed to rely more heavily on the wording from Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman, specifically:

Self-awareness is the ability to objectively evaluate the self. It’s the ability to question our own instincts, patterns, and assumptions. Self deception or arrogant and unchallenged opinion, requires that we hold all our opinions up to hard scrutiny; even our eyes deceive us.

Daily Finance Stoic question

Can I test my own opinion before trusting it? 

Too often, the Finance Stoic rushes to judgment, sometimes without the facts.

In stand with the philosopher, not the mob, I indicated that I was attracted to the second job option for the learning and the challenges, but did I do my homework, or did I rush to judgment, again?

Would staying in my current role be the better opportunity for me and my family on the path to financial independence?

Things I have not discussed in prior posts:

  1. I have built a dream team that I am super happy to work with every day
  2. The competence of my teammates is super-high, which is reducing my daily stress
  3. I am negotiating a compensation package that ought to allow me to fat FIRE in six years

While I don’t have the opportunity to take the next step, do I really want to keep taking on more and more challenges? For what purpose? Do I need more stuff?

I need to think deeper before I act. I will continue to pursue all options, but I will not go into the meetings with a preset position on what option I would prefer to take.

Until next time,


Finance Stoic

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