Finance Stoic’s week in review

I have read a few roundup, week in review, and weekly journal posts lately and I enjoyed seeing what people were reading and writing about.

My first week in review may be longer than a week, as it is most of what I’ve read since I resumed blogging a couple of weeks ago.

Favorite reading

@my_sons_father wrote a great post titled I launched my blog exactly 1 year ago. Now I’m left with one question: Am I the World’s Worst Blogger?

Despite the catchy click-bait title, he does note that was not the intention and it is antithetical to his nature.

Regardless, I clicked in for the bait and enjoyed the read thoroughly. His writing is so crisp, clean and easy to follow and I completely understand why he writes so that his children will someday know who he was at this time in his life. I only hope to share my journey with my two boys someday as well.

@frugal_asian wrote a great post on blogger burnout, titled blogger burnout – the good, the bad & the ugly

Isn’t it interesting that something we love so much one day can be something we dread the next day?

You start, you’re so excited to do it day-in and day-out and then…after some time…you don’t want to go near it…That’s burnout…

The positives are that she is spending more time with her family and she’s not as concerned about her blog’s traffic. Do you realize that checking in on your traffic regularly is driven by a dopamine reaction, which you can get addicted to…scary…

I hope you get your energy back and continue to blog, I am enjoying what I read!

@retiremanifesto had two posts that I really enjoyed, even though they aren’t his most recent posts.

First, I read his post that his secret was out, his retirement! Fritz said the following The response to that “People News” announcement was amazing and immediate.  Within minutes of its publication, my inbox started to ping.

That is an understatement if his post is any indication. The messages I read to him were heartfelt, warm and amazing. They were the type of messages one can only hope to read on their retirement.

I started to scroll through some of his other posts and found the retirement manifesto money map. What, what??? How do I not have a Finance Stoic money map yet? Don’t worry, I will soon!

I am looking forward to reading more posts on this site, especially as retirement is entered.

Allyson @AuditingMyself launched her new site and it’s a beautiful layout with great design.

Such great design that I reached out to ask her how she did such the graphics, go check it out here yourself.

@Method_Money wrote a phenomenal article about seven mindset hacks that will change everything.

This article is heavily influenced by the writings of Carol Dweck’s book Mindset: the New Psychology of Success.

I highly recommend this book and his post, especially if you’re a parent. It should be required reading.

@millionaire_doc wrote about why he invests in private real estate funds.

As someone that has been working in real estate for the last 8+ years, across many of the asset classes and structures that millionaire_doc is talking about, I found this article quite informative and it reminded me that I need to figure out how to invest in real estate in the United States from Canada, preferably directly into the multi-family residential market.

My wife and I have a goal to invest ~ $100,000 per year into real estate. Unfortunately, in Vancouver, BC, that will only allow us to purchase a one bedroom unit in the suburbs…It’s crazy. We have discussed investing outside of the country as a means to attaining higher investment yields. If anyone knows how to effectively invest cross-border as an individual, would love to talk!

J. Money, @budgets are sexy, had an unfortunate landlord situation that negatively impacted him and his family, while his wife is pregnant.

While it was a bad situation for them to face, they handled it as well as anyone could and, I believe, actually manged to come out of it better than they went into it.

I hope we all can learn to handle such a difficult situation so well and I continue to love J. Money’s writing style after having been on a bit of a FIRE blogging hiatus for the past year.

Thanks for the help

People say it over, and over again. The FIRE community is an amazing community and I absolutely agree with that.

Having only returned to blogging recently, it feels like I am starting new, but some of our awesome community members really helped me out this week with issues on my blog, social media, etc. and it was amazing.

Particularly thankful for @millionaire_doc reaching out personally on twitter and providing some great advice across a multitude of areas. Super helpful.

Reaching out to me and getting me really going on Pinterest and providing additional advice was the wonderful @myfinancialpath of and I haven’t even told her that I used to live in Quebec. Thanks very much!

Finally, to end it, someone that provided me with a path to get going on twitter: both adding great people to follow and adding to my followers was Michelle Schroeder of who accidentally started a twitter-add chain, which she’d meant to do in her private facebook group. Thanks Michelle!

Until next time


Finance Stoic

6 thoughts on “Finance Stoic’s week in review

  1. Really kind of you to include me. I’m honored to be in such good company. There are few times in my life where my name will be ahead of Fritz’s and this round up is one of them, so thank you for that. Fritz, I’ll await your witty retort…


  2. Thanks for the shout out. Always happy to help and share what I’ve learned. Still learning the ropes on blogging. I’ve heard Pinterest can drive a lot of traffic if done right- just need to make time for it.


    1. My wife will be starting a blog and will do a ton of research on Pinterest and Instagram. I will wait to leverage that knowledge from her, enough to understand Twitter right now 🤗


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