Finance Stoic 11a – Sources of unsteadiness

What are sources of unsteadiness in my life? 

My thoughts.

My desires.

My cravings.

A key concept of stoicism is that nobody is responsible for my behaviors, but me.

Others cannot control my behaviors, my emotions, my reactions to their behaviors.

As such, nobody can be my source of unsteadiness other than myself and the areas I tend to derive unsteadiness from are my thoughts, desires and cravings.

I must improve my focus and my control over my thoughts, desires and cravings.

Financial independence thoughts

Your financial health can impact your mental health, or is it vice versa. For example:

Some researchers theorize that worrying about debt leads to increased stress and reduced resilience against mental health problems.

Meanwhile, a counterpart:

Other researchers hypothesize that mental health problems interfere with financial management. Mental illness may decrease self-control and lead to more spending. Additionally, a mental health problem may interfere with employment, which could lead to increased difficulty paying bills.

Personally, I view it as a combination of mental health leading to better financial decisions and a challenging financial decision being detrimental to mental health.

This is also why the concepts of stoicism are so important. If we believe that all that happens in the universe happens for the best possible reasons, then we ought to be able to maintain our mental health through the hardest of times.

While the past sentence is true, it is not easy. You must continuously focus and strengthen your mental fortitude and ensure your mind and brain are recharged.

Unfortunately, those it often impacts are young people who haven’t yet developed the ability to strengthen their minds against the harshness of life:

  1. The ones we’ve lost: Student loan debut suicides
  2. Let’s talk: Suicide and student loan debt
  3. There might be important health related reasons for you to get out of debt

From the linked article #3, the following:

There had been a fairly strong and consistent link between debt and depression, debt and thoughts of suicide…But very little had been done to look at the impact on physical health.

Remember, If you do not control what happens to you, then you are leaving your destiny in the hands of others. They will choose your path.

While debt can seem insurmountable, there are many people that have overcome it and you can follow their paths:

  1. Millenial money man
  2. Student loan hero
  3. Student debt warriors

If you found this site, read this article, and have student debt issues you want to overcome, I hope that you find information that can assist you on your journey.

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