Finance Stoic 10b – Finding steadiness within

Today, I found steadiness in many ways.

In calm fatherhood moments with my children.

In a meditative experience in a sensory deprivation tank, where you have no choice but to go within.

On a run outside in the beautiful winter chill [The photo can barely capture the beauty of the landscape].

Financial independence thoughts

Go within, it is where you will find your most creative ideas.

As I lay in the sensory deprivation tank, I had ninety minutes to think in the silent darkness about my life, my goals, my future.

For much of it, I attempted to meditate and recharge my brain; however, at other times I had bursts of creative energy that I stayed with as they played out.

I wrote a chapter of the book I am writing with my sister, playing out the vision in my head, as if I was in a movie theater.

I realized that the concept for my blog ought to not beĀ a Main Street project, but rather Finance $toic, which is why I have renamed my blog.

I have been working in accounting and finance for the last eighteen years, received my degree and a masters degree in these areas and it’s something I am passionate writing about.

Stoicism is newer to me than finance is; however, it is something that I am quickly becoming passionate about as it aligns with my personal values and, interestingly, it is consistent with the philosophy that I was creating for the fantasy universe my sister and I are writing a book about.

I left the sensory deprivation tank mentally and creatively recharged. While I enjoyed a cool brisk run and a sensory deprivation tank, some additional ideas for recharging your brain:

  1. Eight ways to recharge your brain
  2. Seven ways to recharge your mind
  3. Five simple ways to recharge your mind and body

Personally, my list of ways to recharge my mind and body include:

  1. Exercise
  2. Proper diet
  3. Meditation
  4. Maintaining a journal
  5. Walking
  6. Spending productive time with loved ones
  7. Sexual intimacy with someone you love

If I can do these things regularly, it’s a lot easier to maintain steadiness, which allows me to make the right choices consistently over time = dramatic results.

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