Finance Stoic 9a – Control is everything

What happens if I don’t control what happens to me, what is left? 



A lack of performance.

If I do not control what happens to me, then I am leaving my destiny in the hands of others. They will choose my path.

My time would not be well utilized. My performance would suffer setbacks and my family would not be able to rely on me.

Control is everything and I will choose what happens to me, no other.

Financial independence thoughts

You must control your financial independence.

Nobody else is going to control your financial independence for you.

As you may recall, I have suggested that the formula to reach financial independence is (0.8spending less) + (0.2earning more).

It is within your control to determine how to spend less, which is the greater portion of the financial independence formula, in my mind.

  1. Avoid addictions or seek help if you need it
  2. Marry the right person and avoid divorce
  3. Recall the Compound Effect: smart choices + consistency + time = radical difference
  4. Don’t sacrifice your health, it impacts your net worth
  5. Recognize the importance of focus on reducing your spending
  6. Remember, If you make a habit of buying things you do not need, you will soon be selling things you do 

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