Finance Stoic 8b – Date night

Today was an excellent and productive day at work.

I was able to accomplish a lot of key deliverables at work with my team for some major projects.

More importantly, I had the opportunity to spend an amazing evening with my wife at a local vegetarian restaurant.

The food was delicious and her company was excellent. During the busy week, there often is not time to talk, to reconnect.

On date nights, she opens up to me again, she tells me about what’s happening in her life at home and work, things I often don’t get to hear about.

It’s an opportunity to reconnect and fall in love again with the woman I fell in love with 23 years ago. Interestingly, when we fell in love 23 years ago, it was when we had conversation for hours on a night we were out with friends in high school. It was those conversations, her values, and her intelligence that I fell in love with and I miss it.

Financial independence thoughts

Your relationship is important to your net worth, for instance consider:

  1. The average net worth of an above average person at 40 and 50 is $660 k and $1.25 m, respectively
  2. The average net worth of an above average couple at 40 and 50 is $1.35 m and $2.1 m, respectively

Also, if you are already married and building your net worth together, consider the implication of a marriage break up on your net worth:

  1. Effects of divorce on financial stability
  2. Divorce exacerbates the retirement crisis
  3. Marriage and divorce’s impact on wealth

Based on the above, we now know two things. First, if you marry the right person, you are more likely to derive a higher net worth than if you are single. Second, if you get divorced, it is going to have material consequences on your net worth, most notably if you are a female. How do we avoid divorce?

  1. 5 ways to avoid divorce
  2. 10 tips for avoiding divorce
  3. Divorce proof your relationship

Some commonalities from the articles I have read on the topic:

  1. Communicate regularly
  2. Make time to connect with each other
  3. Spend sufficient time apart from each other
  4. Love each other the way each other want to be loved

For me there are a few things that are important for our marriage:

  1. Regular date nights, with my preference being weekly
  2. Two weekend getaways to somewhere within driving difference, generally Bellevue
  3. One annual, or semi-annual, longer getaway together without our children ideally somewhere we have not been

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