Finance Stoic 10a – Finding steadiness

Where can I find steadiness?

I can find steadiness within.

I can find steadiness in my home, with my wife, and my children.

If I am not steady within, seeking steadiness outside myself will fail.

Financial independence thoughts

We have discussed the importance of focus on financial independence:

  1. Control is everything
  2. Mental weakness
  3. My purpose
  4. A poor version of myself
  5. Daily learning

Learning more about stoicism, and practicing daily what I learn will assist in finding steadiness.

Resuming a regular meditation practice will also aid in finding internal steadiness, including meditation using heart rate variability training.

Some interesting reading about meditation and net worth:

  1. Meditation for some of New York’s most successful
  2. 12 entrepreneurs who credit meditation with their success [good list]
  3. Mindfulness can raise your net worth
  4. 7 ways meditation can change the brain


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