Finance Stoic 8a – Addictions

What am I addicted to? 

I have a few addictions, though I don’t think they’re too harmful.

My worst addiction at the moment is Clash Royale, and admittedly I have spent far too much money on this game.

Historically, I would only spend money on a freemium game if I enjoyed the game and I would spend to an upper limit of what games cost back when I would buy them to own, roughly $100.

To say that I went slightly above in Clash Royale would be putting it politely, I have spent more on this game than I have many hobbies in my life and my wife will tell you I always waste money on hobbies.

Not only have I wasted my money on Clash Royale, but I have spent an inordinate amount of time on this game and I think we all recognize that time is a critical commodity that we should not be wasting. Some additional views on time:

  1. Study shows time is the most valuable commodity
  2. The currency of time: Life’s most precious commodity

Well, I think you get the idea.

I am also addicted to change, chaos, challenges and adrenaline. I think it is why I am excited about Option 1 to Option 4 in morning reflection 1; whereas, many people get locked up at change.

Financial independence thoughts

We have already talked about the importance of controlling what is within your circle of control and addictions are something that are definitely within our control. If you have serious addictions that you are overcoming and want to seek financial independence, positively many of the tools you will develop in overcoming addiction can be beneficial on your financial independence journey:

  1. Gaining financial independence after addiction treatment
  2. Dealing with addiction’s financial fallout
  3. Addiction: The killer of financial independence

If you find you are a little too into a video game that was supposed to be free, please recognize that none of these games are free:

  1. In-app purchases are warping kids understanding of basic economics
  2. The freemium model is brilliant, but it’s totally ruining my life
  3. The psychology of freemium

The psychology of freemium is quite interesting, offering some interesting points:

  1. While only 48% of the top 400 apps on Google Play are games, they produce 92% of the revenue
  2. 92% of revenue in the Apple app store is from in-app purchases, rather than purchases of paid apps
  3. 50% of mobile gaming revenue comes from the top 10% of mobile gamers making purchases – these heavy spenders, termed whales, have been directly compared to the big fish courted by casinos
  4. Developers specifically design the games in a way to keep your addicted and spending money


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