Finance Stoic 7a – Mental weakness

How can I keep my mind clear from pollution

Unlike morning reflection 3, I was weak today.

It was 5:30 AM when my alarm went off.

Feeling sick, tired, sore, I texted my friend that I was out for our run and went back to sleep.

The key this week on my Stoic journey is circles of control.

Sick, sore, tired, things I cannot control.

Choosing to get out of bed to meet a friend for an agreed run, 100% within my control.

I won’t dwell on the failure, I will recognize I made the wrong choice and continue to focus, day by day, in making the right choices and getting back on track.

To keep my mind free of pollution, I will continue to meditate. Train my mind to focus, and push to always make the right decisions.

Financial independence thoughts

Steve @ ThinkSaveRetire tweeted Small, Smart Choices + Consistency + Time = RADICAL DIFFERENCE. 

I could not agree more. This ties right back to my earlier post on Kaizen, and is something I believe is fundamental to improving oneself and in obtaining financial independence.

To do this, you must maintain your focus. You cannot ignore the little things on your journey to betterment and financial independence.

The tweet from Steve came from a book by Darren Hardy’s book The Compound Effect, which I am going to have to add to my list of books to read.

3 thoughts on “Finance Stoic 7a – Mental weakness

  1. I don’t know if you were really sick, tired or overly sore but experienced runners understand that when your body is honestly warning you it needs a break, you better take a day off. It isn’t discipline at that point to go for a run anyway, it’s just not smart. Stoicism is not the same as ignoring your body. Ignoring signals from your body, assuming you have the self knowledge to read them accurately, will get you seriously hurt and sidelined for weeks. BTW, I got up at 4:40AM today and ran 8 miles with my wife in 45 degree F rain and we are retired and 60+, but if my body had said don’t do it, I would have slept in without a single doubt. Be careful, it is usually the younger runners that get seriously hurt.


    1. Thanks @Steveark, I appreciate your comment. I’ve taken this entire week and only done a slow 3 km, two of the runs with my six and none year old son. It feels like it’s getting back on track.

      It’s great reading that you’re getting up super early for an AM run with your wife at 60+, I hope my wife and I are doing that someday!


      1. I only caution because I’ve seen many runners, including myself, ignore real indicators of physical damage until a minor problem becomes major. Someone like you who is mentally toughening themself, which is a great life skill, can be particularly vulnerable to pushing through pain. I congratulate you on your journey to holistically improve your family’s life.


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