Finance Stoic 5b – A phenomenal day

The last 24 hours have been phenomenal.

I performed well at work, improving quickly in my weekly 1:2:1s with our company president.

If I choose option one from morning reflection one, then things are looking positive and I need to continue to perform.

Last night, I met with the president, and owner, of another company in our industry for an opportunity [option two] that I would likely pursue.

Financial independence thoughts

For the last eighteen years, I have been a practicing accountant, spending half that time in a big four accounting firm and the other half climbing the corporate ladder in finance roles within the real estate industry. Controller –> Director of Finance –> VP Finance –> CFO and the potential role is as a COO.

While you can change your career multiple times in your life, up to seven times on average, a key for me has been to ensure that the changes are continuing up the corporate ladder.

What’s interesting over the eighteen years that I have been working my way through the public practice and industry accounting worlds is that I absolutely abhor accounting…Unfortunately, I am good at it and there are some aspects to the roles that I enjoy.

In this new position, the role would be less accounting and more finance, business advisory, and operations management. Instead of simply overseeing accounting, finance, tax and information technology, I would also have a role in private equity, human resources, property management, and general day to day operations…A much broader and enjoyable job from my perspective.

I did realize today that I need to spend more time writing my book with my sister, but while I am getting this blog back up and running, I am finding I am running out of time in the day.

Too many projects? Never…We could die tomorrow…Live today…

After all, I know what I am willing to do. to achieve my goals.

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