Finance Stoic 4b – A poor version of myself

I was not a good version of myself today.

I was angry and short with my wife and children.

My responses, my involvement, it was not what I want it to be.

On my journey to a better person, being a husband and father has to be paramount to what I improve.

Financial independence, net worth, early retirement, they are all irrelevant if I am not the right man for the people who matter the most in my life.

Financial independence thoughts

Usiere Uko wrote this article in 2009 and it still resonates today.

What I am discussing above is the importance of focus on my journey to become a better man.

This focus is no less important on your journey to financial independence. When you take your eye off the prize, you won’t achieve the prize.

You need to set your goals and understand exactly what you are willing to do in order to achieve those goals. If you can neither recognize what it takes, nor are unwilling to do what is needed, then you will not reach your goals.

In setting goals, a few good articles to read, other than mine on setting smart goals, are:

  1. Setting investment goals for financial independence
  2. Build wealth with this goal setting system [I will use this myself next year, it’s in-depth]
  3. Top 10 good financial goals that everyone should have for 2018

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