When Freedom 55 may be freedom 45

More and more lately, I’m tired. Exhausted actually, and somewhat concerned for my health (Sacrifice – What would you be willing to do?).

It got me thinking today, why do I want to retire at 45 and take a step back? Many people wonder what I will do, how I’ll live life and say “I’m going to keep working until I’m 55 or 65 or dead”.

Have they done the math? How many hours per day are they working? Per week? Let’s suggest the average person is doing 40 hours, though this may be high based on what people tell me. Personally, I’m working closer to 60+ hours week in / week out and will call that my average. Based on that average, which is 20 hours more per week than the average person, by the time I hit 45, I will have worked the equivalent hours of a normal person by the time they’re close to 60, assuming three weeks of vacation per year.

Why am I tired? Why do I have health issues, potentially? Because I’m trying to work more hours and get more done in shorter periods of time. Also, those hours are a lot of times high stress, high demand with a lot riding on my decisions, it’s pressure that doesn’t leave when I get home, when I sleep. It’s why 45 for me feels like 55 or 65 and why I will have no problem saying goodbye in six years, no problem at all…heck, it may even be sooner than that if financially viable.

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