Finance Stoic 3a – the choice is mine

What can I say no to so I can say yes to what matters? 

I had a choice this morning.

My Achilles hurt and my hamstring was tight.

I had a friend I was meeting for a half marathon race.

I cannot control the aches and pains of my body, but I can control whether I honor a commitment to a friend.

We ran. It was the fastest we have run together. I enjoyed the company and helping him achieve a 15 minute PR [personal record].

This year, I have a lot of running events scheduled, progressing from the half marathon we just did to a 25 km trail run –> 50 km trail run –> 80 km trail run –> 112 km trail run.

Along the way, there will be aches, there will be pains, but there will also be the joy of accomplishing something I committed to, the health gained from training regularly, and the beauty of the scenery on the runs.

Financial independence thoughts

First, set smart goals. I wrote this post, as Happy Frugaler, in April 2015 and one year later, thanks to some amazing market blessings, we were millionaires.

Were there aches and pains on our financial independence journey? Of course, but did we stick to our plan and execute on what was in our control, yes.

Further, late in 2016 I wrote that we were closing in on $2 million in net worth, which took a lot of sacrifice, planning, and good fortune.

You cannot give up on your journey. Set a path and pursue it with passion. Do what it takes to reach your goals.


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