Finance Stoic 3b – A clear mind

What can I say no to so I can yes to what matters? 

I can say no to anything that alters my mind, my control.

If I do, I can say yes to being in full control of my behaviors and actions.

I can say no to self-doubt, to fear, to others having power over my future.

By doing so, I can say yes to pursuing my passions, my dreams, My Future.

Financial independence thoughts

Can you pursue your passion like Evan Williams is to achieve your financial independence?

Can you overcome self-doubt on your financial independence journey? Better yet, can you use that self-doubt to pave a better financial independence path?

Can you control your behaviors and actions to reach financial independence? This Forbes article lists the 15 Crucial Steps Needed To Achieve Financial Independence:

  1. Decide You Want It More than You Are Afraid Of It
  2. Create a Series of Steps that Will get You Where You Want to Go
  3. Commit Now that You Will Live Beneath Your Means for the Rest of Your Life
  4. Block Out the Spendthrifts in Your Life
  5. Always Keep Your Career or Business Moving Forward
  6. Vow to Always Save Money – No Matter What Your Income Is
  7. Insulate Yourself in the Short Run – Creating a Safety Net
  8. Invest Everything Above That
  9. Invest No Matter What the Market is Doing
  10. Diversify Your Investments
  11. Diversify Your Income Sources Too!
  12. Shield as Much Income From Taxes as Possible
  13. Get Out – and Stay Out – of Debt [I disagree in the right context]
  14. Make Sure You Have Enough Insurance Coverage
  15. Commit to Refocusing on Your Goal Regularly

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