Finance Stoic 1b – Improving productivity

Today, I heard a lot of things that I disagreed with, but I did not speak up. I am not proud of that.

I cannot control what others say, but I can control my response to what is said negatively against my team.

At the time I heard much of what was said, I did not understand that those speaking were speaking about my team, which I deduced at a later meeting.

Overall, thinking about my productivity today, I realize that I was too idle and too indulgent in activities that don’t add value to my life or fortunes.

I need to continue to focus on increasing my productivity. Outside of my day job, I ought to put more efforts into my passions and pursuits. By focusing on them, I will be better.

Financial independence thoughts

Without the right focus, and plan, you cannot achieve your financial independence goals.

If you aren’t passionate about your job, but it is paying the bills, find an appropriate side hustle to be your passion. 

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