June Net Worth Update

Update of our Net Worth from April 2015.

May Net Worth UpdateThis month we had a decent 15.36% increase in net worth, which is excellent; however, it’s currently unusable net worth, which is less exciting.

Note 1: Our real estate market in Vancouver has been incredibly hot this year, which can sometimes be surprising given we have had a hot market for most of the past 13 years.

In talking with our neighbor, his appraisal (same units) came in at $1,200,000, much higher than ours a year ago; also, our realtor suggested if we were to sell, we could list for $1,250,000. Given this information, I have conservatively increased the housing to $1,200,000; however, I have also taken a reduction of 5% for transaction costs, were we to sell.

Note 2: Regular RESP contributions for our two sons.

Note 3: Bonuses paid semi-annually at work, used to pay down credit cards and increase cash balances, excellent addition.

Note 4: It’s always great to pay down your mortgage, feels good!

That’s it, we feel good with the increase and there are definitely more coming with a lot of our investments doing quite well, so it should be a great end of year update; however, it maybe not as high as the $891,000 we were targeting in “setting smart goals”.

That is it for now!

3 thoughts on “June Net Worth Update

  1. Canadian real estate is on a tear right now from what I’ve watched from across the border. I’m not a market timer by any means or real estate expert, but hopefully you guys don’t go through what the US went through 7 years ago. Seems like a great time to be a seller of real estate in Vancouver!


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